March in Photos

I made a goal of writing a blog post a week but life got to me. I started a new role in my company and it’s been kind of hectic.

Frankly, March has been a rough month for me. In addition to losing a close co-worker, I’ve been suffering from a sudden onset of migraines and it’s been affecting all aspects of my life. If you’re a migraine sufferer, I’d love to hear some tips or advice!

I try to focus on the positives although it’s natural for humans to ruminate on the negatives. So here is what I got up to in March, despite suffering migraines:

What I Ate: Brunch

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I love brunch. Here are some brunch places I went to in March:


From left going clockwise:

  1. Lift Breakfast Bakery – I’ve passed by this place many times and finally had to chance to try it! We waited for 45 minutes but I thought the food was worth the wait!
  2. West Village Cafe – I had work in Surrey and took the opportunity to try this cute cafe. I love everything about it–from the decor to the food. I highly recommend West Village Cafe if you are in Surrey.
  3. Loco Ono x The Pawn Shop brunch – Loco Ono and the Pawn Shop team up every month to do a Hawaiin themed pop-up brunch. I tried it last month and really enjoyed the food.
  4. Chef’s Playground Eatery– I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while and finally had the chance to try their brunch. The food was good and at a good price!

Read more to find out which cafes I visited and what else I did in March!

What I Ate and Drank: Cafes & More

I love cafés and I love desserts. I try to limit my sugar intake during the week and have a cheat day once a week, where I indulge in desserts. In March, I had the chance to try some places that are on my list of places to try.

Going from left to right and moving downwards:

  1. Matcha Latte from Mussette Cafe – This is one of my favourite cafés by my work to get a matcha latte. Their matcha latte is unsweetened, just the right amount of match and always served with beautiful latte art!
  2. Crystal Ball Frappucino from Starbucks – I almost never try the limited time frappucino’s that Starbuck’s sell because I’m not a big fan of frappucino, but I was intrigued by this one. It tasted like peaches and creme, and I thought it was ok.
  3. Hojicha pudding and white chocolate matcha latte from Yama Cafe- Yama cafe is one of my favourite Japanese Cafe’s in Vancouver. It reminds me of Japan and they serve up delicious drinks and food!
  4. Affigato from Cafe Di Beppe- I went back to Cafe Di Beppe to try their affigato and it did not disappoint. Their amazing soft serve ice-cream goes so well with espresso.
  5. Early grey dipped soft-serve ice-cream cone from Cacao 70- I finally tried the dipped cones from Cacao 70 and I was not disappointed. The earl grey chocolate had a nice earl grey flavour and it worked really well with the ice-cream.
  6. “Replay the Hits” croissants from Beta 5 Chocolate’s #Beta5Brunch – In March, Beta 5 Chocolates released a series of croissants each weekend. On the last weekend, they released their most popular croissant from the preivous weekends. I got them for my boyfriend and he really enjoyed them.
  7. Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt- A must get when you are in Steveston. I got mines with blueberries and it was delicious as always. I love their freshly made waffle cones!
  8. Mango shaved ice from Jack Frost Cafe – Jack Frost is known for their dipping dots shaved ice but we went for the mango one instead. It came with a plethora of mango chunks, a scoop of ice-cream and a slice of cheesecake. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this.

What I did

My first spin class

I tried my first spin class at Eastwood in March. I really enjoyed it and it wasn’t as intimidating as I had thought! I like how their classes are taught in the dark because it puts less pressure on me as a newbie.
Eastwood Cycling


Careers Night at UBC

I was invited by the Psychology Student Association at UBC to be one of their panelists at their career’s night. I had a good time talking to undergraduate students about my career in digital marketing and how I went from a psychology degree to a career in digital marketing.

UBC PSA Careers Night 2018

UBC PSA Careers Night 2018


Quality Time with Miso

I got to spend some quality time with my cousin’s dog Miso. My cousin, boyfriend and I walked him to this area around Hastings Park and Playland. It was a neat area that I never knew existed.

Miso got tired towards the end of the walk so my boyfriend decided to carry him. I don’t think Miso enjoyed it very much but he was too confused to do anything.

Vancouver Fashion Week

I went to the last day of the Vancouver Fashion Week. It was my first time attending a Vancouver Fashion Week show and I felt like I wasn’t fashionable enough haha.

Vancouver Auto Show

I go to the Vancouver Auto Show almost every year, but this year I also worked at the auto show. I barely took any pictures except for the one below of Global BC’s Squire Barns because my brother is a fan of him.

That pretty much sums up what I did in March. If you’ve made it to the end, thanks for reading!



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