June in Photos

After a short break from blogging and social media, I’m back! June started off a bit rocky; I was feeling very stressed and it was affecting other aspects of my life including my relationships and health. June did get better though and I’m thankful to all my friends and family that were there to help me de-stress. June was a month of biking, sunsets, celebrations and an unexpected vacation. Continue reading to see what I was up to in June!


I took advantage of the sunny weather in June and did lots of biking. Biking is so therapeutic for me and I love taking pictures along the way. I snapped these two photos of the gorgeous sunsets I saw while biking:

View of the Lions Gate Bridge

Main Street Car Free Day

Despite the rain, I went to the Main Street Car Free Day with my dad and my aunt’s dog Yuki. Yuki made a new friend and I ate a delicious soft serve cone dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with Kit Kats from Serendipity Soft Serve.

Yuki and her new friend
Soft serve from Serendipity. One of the best I’ve had in Vancouver!

Fathers Day Dinner at Frankies Italian Kitchen & Bar

My family and I had our father’s day dinner at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and Bar. Everyone in my family enjoyed the dishes they ordered–even my mom, who is one of the most critical diners I know. Our favurite dish of the night was the panna cotta– it was creamy, smooth and a great way to end the meal.

I had the grilled sirloin served with roasted vegetables and potato gratin
We had tiramisu and panna cotta for dessert

Last Minute Trip to Japan!

I didn’t intend on going to Japan; I wanted to go with my two cousins but I couldn’t afford the whole trip. I was lucky enough that my aunt and uncle offered to pay for my flight and accommodation so I could go on this trip. My 1-week trip included lots of food, sightseeing and shopping in Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. I will blog more about my trip in the upcoming weeks!

Dotonbori in Osaka
Hello Kitty chicken karage and steamed bun from Universal Studios

Thanks for reading!

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