February in Photos

I can’t believe it is March already! For me, February was filled with celebrations and a lot of food. February was an eventful month and I’m looking forward to spring and spending more time outdoors in March.

I apologize in advanced for some of the iPhone quality photos, but here is my February in photos:

Dine Out Vancouver

This year for Dine Out Vancouver, I only managed to go to two restaurants: Notch 8 and Black and Blue. I enjoyed both restaurants but preferred Notch 8’s menu more. I’m hoping to try more restaurants next year!

Notch 8 Dine Out Vancouver 2018
Notch 8 Dine Out Vancouver 2018
Black and Blue Dine Out Vancouver
Black and Blue Dine Out Vancouver 2018

Hot Chocolate Festival

I was really excited for this year’s Hot Chocolate Festival because many of the participants were serving up white hot chocolate. I love anything white chocolate, especially white hot chocolate.

I didn’t realize that all the hot chocolates I tried this year were all white hot chocolate until the festival was over. I’ll have to have a variety of hot chocolates next year!

Hot Chocolate Festival 2018

From left to right, going clockwise:

  • Bel Cafe – “Pretty in Pink”: Valrhona Ivorie white chocolate with rose oil and vanilla.
    Paired with a raspberry macaron.
  • Butter Baked Goods – “Birthday Wises”: White chocolate Birthday Cake hot chocolate, topped with pink-tinted, vanilla whipped cream and a mini slice of birthday cake.
  • Bella Gelateria– “El Dorado”: white chocolate caramelized until golden, paired with a sweet and salty dulce de leche-flavoured shortbread.
  • Thomas Haas – “In the Land of the Rising Sun”: Matcha white hot chocolate,
    served with candied kumquat and matcha shortbread

My favourite hot chocolate this year was the matcha white hot chocolate from Thomas Haas.

Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day

Diva at the Met Valentine's day dinner

I’m not really big of Valentine’s day because I think that it’s too much of a commercial holiday and that everyday day should be Valentine’s day. I didn’t do anything with my boyfriend last year but we decided to do something this year.

We went to Diva at the Met and for Valentine’s day, they were serving a set 4-course menu. The menu included lobster bisque, seasame crusted tuna,crispy pork belly, beef tenderloin and chocolate praline bar. The food was really good, and the service and ambiance was great as well.

Galentine's 2018

Every year, my friends and I do something for Galentine’s day. This year we decided to have a brunch at my friend Nora’s house. It was a potluck brunch and I brought homemade Belgian waffles. We had a great time eating brunch, drinking mimosa’s and celebrating our friendship.

Continue reading to see what else I celebrated in February!

Chinese New YearChinese New Year celebration

This Chinese new year we celebrated the year of the dog! Chinese new years is a big deal for my family and we usually have multiple celebrations with lots of food and lucky money of course.

Apart from seeing my family, I love family gatherings because it gives me the opportunity to see my cousin’s pets! I only took photos of the food at one of my Chinese new year’s dinner and the food included homemade dishes cooked by my aunt and uncles and sushi.

Birthday Celebrations 

I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday at the end of February. I cooked him dinner because he prefers low-key birthday celebrations. I made him Greek lamb sausages with cauliflower rice, roasted potatoes and a salad with prosciutto and cheese. For dessert, I got him a mango passionfruit mousse cake and fruit tart from Breka Bakery.

I Tried New Cafes

I love trying new cafes, especially cafes that have nice interiors. Some of the cafes I tried this month were Cafe Di Beppe, Hayan Mug Cafe and Elysian Coffe.

I really enjoyed the matcha latte and matcha bar from Hayan Mug Cafe. They are located on Main Street, down the street from Front and Company. Their owners are really nice and it’s a great space to study, get some work done or to catch up with friends.

finally tried Elysian coffee and I’m so glad I did! I had their chai tea latte and cheddar scone and it was amazing. The chai wasn’t too sweet and the scone was flaky and so delicious!

So that was my February! I hope you enjoyed this post; let me know what you think of these type of post and if you’d like me to do more in the following months. Thanks for reading!


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