Dinesty Dumpling House

My classmates and I came to Dinesty Dumpling House (Richmond No.3 Rd location) on a Friday night to satisfy our soup dumpling craving. The restaurant was packed but luckily for us, we made a reservation so we were seated immediately. I’d recommend making a reservation on weekends as the restaurant gets quite busy.

Open kitchen at Dinesty

I love the open kitchen here–it was fun seeing all the action going on in the kitchen and seeing our food being cooked.


Pan Fried Marinated Beef Wrap

We started off with the pan fried marinated beef wrap – sliced marinated beef, scallions and sauce wrapped in a pan-fried green onion pancake. I thought the pancake could have been crispier but it was tasty nonetheless.

Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck

The next dish to arrive was the Camphor & Tea Smoked Duck, served with mantou buns. You eat this dish by removing the duck meat from the bone and stuffing it inside the bun. The duck was moist and had a nice smoky tea flavor–overall it was a good dish.

Lastly, the main star of the meal and the reason why we came to Dinesty: soup dumplings!

Steamed XO Sauce & Pork Soup Dumplings
Steamed Pork Soup Dumpling

We ordered two kinds of soup dumpling: the original steamed pork soup dumpling and the steamed XO sauce and pork soup dumpling. With thin skin, perfect amount of soup and flavourful pork filling, these were a hit at our table. The XO sauce & pork soup dumpling wasn’t spicy despite having a chilli pepper beside it on the menu, but it added a nice flavor to the soup.

Overall, we had a great meal at Dinesty and satisfied our craving for soup dumplings.

Address: 160-8111 Ackryod Road, Richmond BC V6X 3J9

Website: dinesty.ca 

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