Bobby Sox 50’s Diner: Retro Diner in Maple Ridge

Bobby Sox 50’s Diner is a retro-style diner in Maple Ridge. I love the retro decor at Bobby Sox’s; the leopard printed chairs, red upholstered booth seats, and diner memorabilia gives it an eclectic 50’s vibe.

I rarely go to Maple Ridge but I stumbled upon this place on my way to the Tulip Festival in Abbotsford. I have a soft spot for diners because my first job was waitressing at my uncle’s diner, so naturally I wanted to try Bobby Sox 50’s diner.

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What we ordered at Bobby Sox 50’s Diner in Maple Ridge

Their menu is made up of the classic diner items including home cooked breakfast, 50’s style sandwiches and blue plates specials. We started with a vanilla milkshake to share (pictured in the first photo) and it was refreshing on a hot sunny day.

After browsing the menu, we decided on two dishes from the home cooked breakfast section. We got the all day breakfast with a hamburger patty and steak & eggs. The breakfast was pretty standard; it had a big portion of hashbrown potatoes but my steak was a bit overcooked.

Overall, I would recommend Bobby Sox 50’s Diner if you’re looking for a spot for a casual fun date or a place to hang out with your friends in Maple Ridge.

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15 Things I Learned A Year After Graduating University

It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve graduated with my Bachelor of Arts from UBC and although sometimes I miss being a student, I don’t miss things like the nights pulling all-nighters, being broke and elevated levels of stress. What I miss the most is seeing my friends on campus and the social activities on campus.

UBC was a time of new experiences and self-learning for me. I was really shy when I first entered university, so I decided to join a sorority in my third year and my experience in a sorority really helped me with my shyness. Although I’m now working towards a field unrelated to what I majored in, I had a great time in university and met the most amazing people.

Here are 15 things learned a year after graduating university: 

  1. A lot of people don’t actually work in the field they majored in.
  2. University doesn’t prepare you for the workforce unless you seek out opportunities yourself.
  3. Networking is really important and I wish I would have done more of it while I was still in school.
  4. People change and friendships change.
  5. Having a degree is not enough. Employers look for experience and skills with proven results in addition to a degree.
  6. People will tell you that an Arts degree is useless but don’t understand the sweat, tears, late nights of studying and breakdowns that went into being able to graduate.
  7. University is the only time where it’s acceptable to get drunk on a Wednesday night and go to class/work hungover.
  8. Dating in university VS dating post-university is quite different.
  9. Some things like haircuts become more expensive because I don’t get a student discount anymore.
  10. Everything that I thought was cool when I was in University (like frat boys and frat parties) are actually really trivial.
  11. Money becomes a more common theme and topics such as if I will be able to afford to live in Vancouver, how many years should I wait to purchase a new car, should I move out or continue living at home to save money, etc.
  12. Don’t stay in a toxic work environment just because I need the money.
  13. Maintaining friendships with friends who are still in university gets a lot harder because I am not on campus anymore.
  14. From my experience working in offices, people drink a lot of coffee (and I thought students drank a lot of coffee).
  15. It’s okay not to have my life figured out once I’ve graduated university because there is so much more growing and learning to do.

I’d like to end this post with a quote written on the walls of my practicum placement, “Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one” -Dr. Emmet Brown.


La Forêt Bakery & Coffee

La Forêt Bakery and Coffee is located in Burnaby near Metrotown, serving up espresso drinks, pastries, waffles, brunch and more. The decor can be described as airy, industrial-chic and filled with plants.

Back in January I finally made my way to La Forêt after seeing so many Instagram posts on it.

The decor at La Forêt is simply amazing. The general layout of the place is inviting and I like how the plants and lighting fixtures give the place character. It’s a great space to study or to catch up with friends.

Read more to find out what we ordered!

The Food at La Forêt Bakery & Coffee

La Forét’s menu is quite extensive, offering coffee and tea beverages, smoothies, Korean shaved ice, breakfast and brunch items, sandwiches and panini’s, soups and waffles.

They had a case full of desserts, filled with roll cakes, parfaits, matcha and regular Tiramisu, cakes and macarons.

With all the choices, I had a hard time deciding what to get. I ended up ordering a matcha latte, the bulgolgi brunch platter and an earl grey canele. My friend Chelse also got the bulgolgi brunch platter and a chai latte.

Overall I enjoyed the bulgolgi brunch platter. The bulgolgi meat had a good mixture of sweet and salty flavours. The matcha latte was a bit sweet for my liking, so I’d recommend getting it less sweet if you like your matcha strong like me.

I’ll definitely be back to try more of their menu items!

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10 Things I Learned From Online Dating and Why I Quit

I was first introduced to online dating by a classmate when I was in my 3rd year of university. She told me about Tinder–a new app that she was using and how she was going on many dates with various guys.

Her dates sounded amazing; she told me stories about how guys would show up to her place with flowers to take her to nice restaurants.

She suggested that I should try it out. As an introverted and slightly awkward 20-year old who had never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy, I gave online dating a try thinking that I had nothing to lose.

When I first started using Tinder, I had no idea how it worked. All I was doing was looking at people’s profiles and swiping left, wondering why I wasn’t getting any matches.

I soon realized that I had to swipe right for people that I was interested in. Although I was getting matches, I wasn’t talking to many people and soon got bored. I decided to look into other dating apps and downloaded Plenty of Fish and OKCupid.

Through the course of my online dating journey, I’ve been on many dates– many good and many bad. I’ve had the most success on Tinder compared to OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. Although Tinder carries a negative connotation, I found that the guys on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish were no better in quality than the guys on Tinder.

Here are 10 things I learned from online dating. Read to the end to find out why I quit!

1.You may have chemistry over text but no chemistry in person

There were a few guys I’ve had great conversations with over text but there was no chemistry when I met up with them in person. It felt like I was talking to a different person.

2. Trust your instincts 

If you have a bad feeling about something or someone, trust your instincts. There were times where I had a bad feeling about a guy but decided to meet up with him anyways and ended regretting my decision.

3Be forward about what you’re looking for

Not all people are on dating sites are looking to date and that’s perfectly fine. Communication is key– it’s best to let each other know what you’re looking for so you don’t waste each other’s time. It’s not going to work out if one person is looking for something casual and the other person is looking for a serious relationship.

4. Proximity is important  

I’ve had great conversations with guys but never ended up meeting them due to distance. It’s best to meet at a halfway point, but some people aren’t willing to commute far for a date.

5. Height is important 

I’ve noticed many guys post their height on their profile. As a short girl, height was never that important to me as long as the guy was taller than me but I know it’s important to many people.

6. You can have great conversations with someone but nothing will happen 

Some guys just want to be your pen pal. They’ll never ask you out but they’ll continue messaging you or the conversation will either slowly fade out or end abruptly.

7. Guys have different preferences

I had a stupid assumption that guys only looked for attractive girls. I learned that different guys have different preferences when I started going on dates with guys who I thought were way out of my league.

8. You can usually tell what intention someone has by the type of date they plan

I’m not saying this is always the case, but I’ve found from my experience that people who ask you out for drinks later at night are usually looking for a fling or a hookup. Guys who have been interested in something more serious will usually ask me out for coffee, dinner or plan a cute activity.

I’ve also been on a few dates where the guy will ask me out for dinner, only to tell me that he’s already eaten and that we should just have drinks. Thinking that we were going to eat dinner, I don’t eat beforehand and end drinking on an empty stomach, which leads to getting drunk quicker.

9. Just because a guy is a professional and has a career, doesn’t mean he’s looking for something serious 

Don’t assume that just because he’s a lawyer that he wants to settle down. There are many professionals who’ve just come out of long-term relationships and are just seeking something casual.

10. Photos can be deceiving 

I’ve been on dates where the guy looks completely different than his photo online. Sometimes the guy looks better than the photo, sometimes they look worst. Although physical attraction is important, don’t focus on the photo too much because it can be deceiving.

After 3 years of online dating and countless dates, I quit online dating because I met my current boyfriend on Tinder. We’ve been together for almost 7 months but I’ve kept our relationship fairly private.

So that’s what I’ve learned from online dating and why I quit. My best advice for someone new to online dating is to keep your expectations realistic and to have fun! You’ll meet some interesting people and some not-so-pleasant people, but that’s all part of the dating process 🙂

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Cafe De L’orangerie : Japanese-Style French Food in Vancouver

Cafe De L’orangerie is a friendly cafe nestled in Vancouver’s Marpole area that serves Japanese-style French food. Their menu is made up of popular Japanese dishes such as chicken karaage, spicy tuna sashimi and Japanese curry in addition to Japanese fusion dishes such as Hayashi rice and Doria. They also serve classic coffee, espresso and tea based drinks you would find in a cafe and delicious looking desserts. Cafe De L’orangerie’s menu reminds me Marulilu Cafe’s menu and I really enjoy this style of Japanese fusion cuisine.

This place has been on my list of places to try out for a while, so I already knew what I wanted before I even got to the restaurant. Find out what we ordered below!

What We Ordered at Cafe De L’orangerie

I started my meal with one of my favourite drinks to order at a cafe: a London Fog 

I ordered the curry rice with chicken cutlet, served with rice and salad. I loved the addition of vegetables in the curry– it gave it a nice flavour and texture. The chicken cutlet was cooked perfectly; crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside and went really well with the curry,


Lastly, we ordered the wafu style spaghetti– Bacon, mushroom, garlic and cabbage topped with bonito flakes and seaweed– one of the many Japanese fusion dishes. If you like the taste of bonito flakes and tuna, you’ll enjoy this dish. The other flavours such as the bacon, mushroom and garlic complimented the bonito flavour well.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and friendly service at Cafe de L’Orangerie. I’m hoping to make a return visit to try some of their dessert items and other Japanese fusion dishes.


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35 Hours in Kamloops

A few weekends back my boyfriend and I went to Kamloops. My boyfriend was going there for a BC Speed Skating Association AGM and I decided to tag along because I’ll take any opportunity for a weekend getaway!

Originally we were going to go camping, but Kamloops was flooded from the heavy rains the week prior and the campsites were still wet and flooded.

Breakfast at Harold’s Famly Restaurant

We arrived in Kamloops on a Friday night, but we went straight to bed that night. The next morning, we went to Harold’s Family Resturant for breakfast because it was close to the motel we were staying in.

We got the double with sausage – Two farm fresh eggs, your way
With bacon, sausage or ham and sausage skillet – Two scrambled eggs with chopped bacon or chopped sausages on top of hash browns, sautéed with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. Topped with hollandaise sauce and served with toast. 

It was some good, classic diner food.

Reservoir Coffee

After I dropped off my boyfriend at his AGM, I made my way to Reservoir Coffee because I had some time to kill before my appointment at the spa.

I had a latte and Stroop waffle , which were both great. They use Parallel 49 coffee at Reservoir and there were so many other menu items that I wanted to try but I was still really full from breakfast.

View from Thompson Rivers University

Continue reading to see what else I did in Kamloops!

After my spa appointment, I decided to drive around to find some places to photograph. I stumbled upon this lookout area at Thompson Rivers University and was able to take some nice shots with the help of my Canon camera app.

Dinner at Jacob’s Noodle and Cutlet


I met up with my boyfriend for dinner and we went to Jacob’s Noodle and Cutlet. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Kamloops!


I got the pork cutlet combo- deep-fried pork cutlet, veggie udon and cheese don roll and my boyfriend got the seafood udon.

The cutlet was cooked perfectly and came with crushed sesame and two homemade sauces.

Murals in Downtown Kamloops

After dinner, we walked around downtown Kamloops and looked at some murals.







Riverside Park & Scoopz Ice Cream Parlour


Afterward, we walked down to Riverside Park and enjoyed the beautiful riverside view.

During our walk, we stumbled upon Scoopz Ice Cream Parlour. I got a scoop of the butter pecan flavour and my boyfriend two scoops of the got lime sherbet flavour.

While we were enjoying our ice-cream in the park, we saw some live action role-playing.


Afterward, we headed back to the motel and called it a night.

Breakfast at Red Beard Cafe

On day 2, we had breakfast at Red Beard Cafe. While doing research on places to eat in Kamloops, Red Beard Cafe came highly recommended.


We had the cajun chicken benny – on sweet potato latke, corn succotash, homemade hollandaise and bacon breaky- 2 strips bacon, 2 eggs, sourdough, and jam. 

The cajun chicken benny was relatively light compared to traditional benny’s. I really like how they used a sweet potato latke and the corn succotash gave the dish a nice texture.

After dropping my boyfriend off, I made my way to Caffe Motivo.


I had a latte and a scone. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any latte art but the scone was really good.

After a few hours at Cafe Motivo, my boyfriend’s meeting ended early and we went next door to Mittz Kitchen for our last meal in Kamloops.

They were still serving brunch while we were there, so we got the steak and eggs with poached eggs and tomatoes, cobb salad and brussel sprouts.

Mittz Kitchen was another restaurant that came highly recommend and it definitely lived up to its hype. The steak was cooked perfectly and everything else was tasty. If you go, the bacon wrapped scotch egg is a must try!

After lunch, we made our way back to Vancouver. We made a pit stop to take some pictures and to use the toilets.

Although most people don’t’ associate Kamloops as an exciting destination, it was really nice to get away from the city for the weekend. As a person who has lived in Vancouver my whole life, it’s nice to go away to a small town and experience what it has to offer.

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I Let My Boyfriend Choose My Instagram Photo for 6 Days

I let my bf (1)

My boyfriend takes most of the photos of me on Instagram but he often complains that I don’t post the photos that he likes.

So I decided to let him choose 6 days worth of photos for me to post on my Instagram and see how well the post do. One thing to note is that I wrote the captions for all the posts and they were either cheesy quotes or something decribing the picture.

To be honest, I was a bit worried. My boyfriend doesn’t use Instagram very much and I was terrified that he would pick all the photos where he made he do weird poses.

Continuing reading to see what photos he picked and how well they did!

Photo 1

On day 1, he chose a picture he took during our hike at Teapot Hill over the weekend. I actually really like this photo and I would have posted it even if he didn’t chose it.

Why he chose it: he wanted to post a picture of our hike asap and he said this was his favourite photo from the hike because I am smiling with teeth and because Miso is somewhat looking at the camera.

Photo 2

On day 2, he chose a close-up shot he took of me. Considering that I don’t have a macro lens, this shot turned out okay.

Why he chose it: he thinks it looks amazing and he chose it because he took it. He also thinks that the picture is artistic and it brings out the deep golds of the Kamloops wilderness–such beauty reflected in the overflowing waters of the majestic Thompson River.

Photo 3

On day 3, I was really hoping he would chose a photo of me in Kamloops because I was going to promote my new blog post that day. Luckily for me, he did!

Why he chose it: he likes how the picture is very colourful and how it contrasts the alley. He also thinks that I should get a dog like the one in the mural.

Photo 4

On day 4, he chose a picture of me by the Thompson River. I thought the picture was a bit redundant because I already posted a picture by the Thompson River wearing the same outfit.

Why he chose it: he wanted to showcase the flooded Thompson River and he likes how I am slightly smirking in the photo and how he can see my boobs contrasting the water. He also thinks this is a nice photograph taken by him; it has tall grass in the foreground and a nice background of Kamloops.

Photo 5

On day 5, he chose a photo of my cousin’s dog and I. Coincidentally it was ‘bring your dog to work day’ that day. I love this picture of Brady and I, and I’m happy he chose it!

Why he chose it: he thought it was a nice picture and it looks like one of his favourite photos of me. He likes how the dog is really happy–as happy as me, and how my fitbit is it the photo (haha).

Photo 6

On the last day, he chose this photo of my cousin’s dog Miso from our hike at Teapot Hill. This photo was taken when we tried to bring Miso near the water and learned that he absolutely hates water.

Why he chose it: he thought it was the best photo of Miso from our hiking trip that captures his personality (I agree with this). He also thinks that it’s slightly funny.

How Well Did The Photos Do?

My Instagram feed is typically a mix of food pictures, pictures of me and landscape/interior pictures. Most of the pictures my boyfriend chose in the 6 days are either pictures of me or pictures with a dog.

According to Instagram metrics, here is how the photos did:

  • Profile visits: – 13 compared to the week before
  • Website clicks: +5 compared to the week before
  • Reach: +244 compared to the week before
  • Impressions (how many people saw my post): -56 compared to the week before
  • Followers: during those 6 days I had +28 new followers, but after accounting for the accounts that unfollowed me, Instagram says that I had +7 new followers compared to the week before.

Overall, the pictures did a lot better than I had anticipated.

Final thoughts

I thought this was a fun experiment/activity to do with my boyfriend. I probably wouldn’t do it again because it took a lot of time for my boyfriend to go through all my pictures and chose the ones he liked best.

My boyfriend wished that I had posted multiple photos in some of the posts and videos, but overall he was satisfied with his photo choices.

What do you think of the photos he chose? Let me know in the comments! 


Vietnamese Tacos: I tried Vietnamese Mexican Food at Vietmex 

Have you ever had Vietnamese and Mexican fusion food in Vancouver?

I didn’t know such cuisine existed until I stumbled upon VietMex in downtown Vancouver.

VietMex–formerly Saigon Venture restaurant–is located on Burrard Street between Drake and Pacific Street, just before you get onto the Burrad Street Bridge. I read on Yelp that the former owner sold the restaurant, but she still works in the kitchen.

From their website, they write “Vietmex Cuisine is your destination for Vietnamese and Mexican Cuisine. Located in downtown Vancouver, we offer a delicious fusion of Vietnamese meets Mexican dishes“.

The Menu

They serve standard Vietnamese restaurant offerings including pho, banh mi, rice and vermicelli dishes. They have a combo that comes with a soup, 2 tacos and a pop for $12.50.

Their Mexican offerings are limited to just tacos. They have five kinds: pollo, carnitas, lemongrass chicken, beans and cheese, and beef.

They have a good selection of noodle soup including the vegetarian and seafood options.

They also renovated their interior. It is much brighter and cleaner looking than before.

Continue reading to see what I ordered!

The Food

I decided to get take-out from VietMex and ordered the lemongrass chicken salad and a lemongrass chicken taco and a carnitas taco. 

The tacos come with sour cream, salsa, cilantro, avocado and served on a corn tortilla.

I thought the flavours of the taco were quite nice. There was too much sour cream in the tacos for my liking but I liked the addition of avocado. The lemongrass chicken worked well with all the ingredients in the taco.

The tacos come with a lot of cilantro– too much for some people but I love cilantro so I thought it was a good amount.

The lemongrass chicken salad was average. The chicken was a bit dry but it had a good lemongrass flavour.

Final Thoughts

Overall, VietMex is a good place in the downtown area if you are craving Vietnamese food and tacos at the same time. Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine are two cuisines that you don’t see combined very often, so I think this place is worth checking out.

There are better and more authentic taco places nearby (like Sombreros), but VietMexs taco’s aren’t trying to be authentic. I thought the tacos were good for a place that mainly serves Vietnamese food.